[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH-1/2] LAN91C111

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Mon Nov 3 14:06:55 CET 2003

Hi Stephen,

Yes I suppose.  When I snoop packets I have gotten what I expected.  Could
be luck I suppose, I'll check the address block we use.  The reset of the
changes looked reasonable....switching the one word access to a byte access
might need looking at...I seem to recall reading threads where some boards
weren't wired up to do 8 byte accesses correctly.  I'd cross check with the
kernel level driver 91c1111 or 91c9x.c, before making that change.  Might be


Richard W.

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Am Montag,  3. November 2003 13:13 schrieb Woodruff, Richard:
> I've been using the 91111 for a while now.  I've not had any real problems
> with it.  As the environment I'm in has some 30 odd boards, I've never
> the hard coded mac address.

Hi Richard

It is not a problem of hard coded mac addresses because smc_mac_addr[] will 
be used as buffer storage too. Furthermore it's a problem of type casting 
from signed char to unsigned short (type of word) when writing the mac 
address into LAN91C111 (near line smc91111.c:smc_open():700 the USE_32_BIT 

Note: it could be _only_ a NIOS related problem, but I think the type 
unsigned char for smc_mac_addr[] is more exact in common case, or not?


> Regards,
> Richard W.
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> Hi all,
> in context of one of my emails last week:
>9 8
> I'm wondering about how many people are using the LAN91C111 driver without
> significant problems. There is (just was :-) a fat signed/unsigned bug in
> drivers/smc91111.c which is significant at NIOS plattforms when you are
> using
> MAC addresses with address elements above 0x7f. Example: 00:07:ed:0a:a4:7b
> goes over to 00:07:ed:ff:a4:ff inside the chip. Simple solution:
> 	static char smc_mac_addr[] = { . . . };
> have to be:
> 	static char unsigned smc_mac_addr[6] = { . . . };
> In attatchment you will find my smc91111_fix patch. It includes some other
> minor fixes I've made. This patch has been working successful at NIOS
> Stratix
> and Cyclone boards.
> Please try out and patch CVS tree.
> Best Regards,

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