[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot-1.0.0 released

Anders Larsen alarsen at rea.de
Tue Nov 4 09:57:10 CET 2003

Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> schreibt:
>* Patch by David M. Horn, 29 Oct 2003:
>  Fixes to build under CYGWIN

Hi Wolfgang,

the above patch in effect reverses my patch from 18. september and
causes compiler warnings here, since the definitions of uint(8|16|32)_t
in include/elf.h clashes with my compiler's types.h

I searched the list archives in vain for a discussion (or even a copy)
of David's patch - I'd like to know which version of cygwin/gcc he's
using, since there obviously are some incompatibilities between our
cygwin installations which probably could be resolved without bothering
u-boot, once they're located.


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