[U-Boot-Users] RE: linuxppc_2_4_mpc5200 / 5200lite zImage now working

Tord Andersson Tord.Andersson at combitechsystems.com
Tue Nov 11 16:56:39 CET 2003


Thanks for all help so far. Here is some additional information...

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> 5200lite zImage now working 
> Dear Tord,
> in message 
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> ems.com> you wrote:
> > 
> > I built u-boot as you described (low boot config). I had problems 
> > downloading the binary image with the dBUG dn command (tftp, image 
> > format, might have to do with 100 mbps ethernet?). I then turned to 
> > the

I put a 10 Mbps hub between the 5200lite and the rest of the net,
forcing the ethernet to 10 Mbps, half duplex, and this made the
communication work reliably, making it possible to download binary
images through the 
dBUG dn command (tftp, binary image) to the RAM.
Btw, when testing dBUG ping in 100Mbps mode, it doesn't seem to work
completely OK...
(send failures). 

> I never used dBUG - does it expect a special image format? 
> Maybe  you have to specify "binary" images or so?

The dn "Image" format seems to be binary image. 

> > "dl" command which only supports S-records. I made an image for 
> > loading at 0x20000 by the following command:
> > 
> > ppc_82xx-objcopy --gapfill=0xff 
> --change-adresses=-0xFEFE0000 -O srec 
> > u-boot_20000.srec
> Umm...
> > I loaded this with the dl command at 0x20000 and then it was 
> > programmed into flash by:
> >  
> > fp FF000000 FF035250 20000
> > 
> > I moved the boot jumper to the Low position and u-boot got up! 
> > Unfortunately, as soon as I tried to save environment variables (IP 
> > nad
> > MAC-adresses) and rebooted, the system crashed. I fear that 
> my objcopy
> > tweaking might have been a little bit too hasty... : )
> Probably. Try out what happens when you (re-)  convert  the  
> _binary_ image into S-Records, something ike this:
> ppc_82xx-objcopy  --change-adresses=-0xFEFE0000 -I binary -O srec \
>   u-boot.bin your_image.srec

After downloading the binary image with dn (based on the FF000000 build)
I have the same problem with environment saving.
If I don't save anything, u-boot reboots OK. But after saving for
instance only the hostname, u-boot crashes during reboot.
Does this works OK in the version built to replace DBUG (High boot)? 

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