[U-Boot-Users] u-boot and NIOS dk 1s10 board

Stephan Linz linz at mazet.de
Fri Nov 14 15:13:04 CET 2003

Am Freitag, 14. November 2003 14:06 schrieb Patrice Kadionik:
> hi all,
> I'm trying to use u-boot on a altera's stratix 1S10 board....
> I've downloaded the stephan's RPM u-boot port for this board...and
> downloaded intoo my board...but it doesn't work
> has anyone succeded to boot u-boot on this board?

Yes, I did. It works good to me.

> is the port incorporated in the 1.0.0 u-boot version...I just see the
> cyclone board....

Sorry there was no time and no very important reason to release the Stratix 
pacht to u-boot cvs (I think, I can do it now :-), because there are no 
significant differences between Cyclone and Stratix in context of current 
U-Boot code. Further this patch depends on a few outstanding patches, one for 
a DK1C20 configuration bug fix and the other one for the LAN91C111 ethernet 
driver (see: 

Here the patches you need against current 1.0.0:

1.) LAN91C111 ethernet driver

Patch: u-boot-smc91111_fix.patch.bz2
State: waiting of a successful validation and cross verification from Richard

- bug fix: change type of smc_mac_addr[] from signed to unsigned (important)
- bug fix: LED configuration (defines in header)
- bug fix: write to right PHY register (PHY_MASK_REG)
- exclude version string for non-debug versions (saves memory)

2.) DK1C20 configuration bug fix

Patch: u-boot-dk1c20_cfg_fix.patch.bz2
State: waiting of CVS inclusion by Wolfgang


Wolfgang, could you put it into the CVS repository?

3.) DK1S20 Stratix support

Patch: u-boot-dk1s10_support.patch.bz2
State: not released at u-boot list -- I'm not sure about (if finished or not)

For Stratix I've copied include/configs/DK1C20.h to include/configs/DK1S10.h, 
change CONFIG_DK1C20 to CONFIG_DK1S10, and expanded main Makefile to new 
board configuration DK1S10_config. For this new board configuration Cyclon's 
board directory board/dk1c20 will be used too. In it I've expand checkboard() 
with a second board-ID string.

You can download all the patches from CDK4NIOS project file list at 

(go to the end, looking for resources --> patches)

> Is anyone try to port µClinux on NIOS ? I'm currently working on this

Hm, I think Scott McNutt works with uClinux on NIOS. Ask him, he is the 
maintainer of NIOS U-Boot port.

> point and having a linux bootloader is the first step...

Yes, and U-Boot works already.

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