[U-Boot-Users] 8270 graphics

Marco Schramel Schramel.Linux at go.bartec.de
Mon Nov 17 11:12:13 CET 2003


for a new project, we are planing to introduce the new PowerPC 8270 with a display.
The graphic controllers we are interested in are the SM712 or the SM722 with their PCI interface.
An another cheaper alternative could be the EPSON SD13xx series (U-Boot can initialize this controllers). But on the EPSON homepage it is metioned, that this controllers are only compatible with the 8xx PowerPC's.(The epson support says: "if the external interface is the same as in the 860, you should be able", What do you think about it ?)

Have anyone experience with the 82xx and one of this graphic controllers?
Are there working linux device drivers for it? 
Are there other low cost and low power graphic controllers for this cpu ??

Thanks in advance

Marco Schramel
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