[U-Boot-Users] Re: environment in flash not loaded...

최광일 choigi at samsung.com
Thu Nov 20 03:10:29 CET 2003

Dear All 
I'm using a u-boot 1.0.0 which is released 2003-10-30 for SMDK2410
Board made by Samsung electronics.
I patched u-boot for NAND Booting. It works good.
When I boot and set ipddr, serverip, gatewayip and so on using setenv..
it works good too. 
But save  values such as ipaddr, serverip, gatewayip, ethaddr .. using
saveenv. U-boot return messages like that 
Unknown command 'saveenv' - try 'help' 

printenv, setenv ,saveenv command works good before patching and using

which is the problem? 

Thank you very much .

Best regards.

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