[U-Boot-Users] Help request, MPC5200 Lite -- i386 cross-compiling

Victor Wren vwren at timension.com
Thu Nov 20 20:43:38 CET 2003

I'm trying to get a boot loader running on the 5200, but I'm getting stuck at 
the compilation of the images.  I only have a Pentium2 Redhat 9 environment 
to work from.  I downloaded GCC 3.3.1, bintools 2.11.90 and built them both 
with a target of powerpc-linux.

To build the MPC5200LITE images, I used 'make MPC5200LITE' which in rummaging 
through the configuration files in the "board" directory seems to select the 
correct defaults for flash size and such on the rev 2 board.  My problem 
seems to be in my cross-compiler toolset in any case.

I changed the line CROSS_COMPILE = ppc_8xx-
to CROSS_COMPILE = powerpc-linux- because that seemed to be the architecture 
that it was using (when I didn't change it, I got a goodly pile of ppc_8xx 
related failures).  Now the make largely goes ahead, but when it hits a 
certain point (stubs.c in the 'examples' directory) it errors out with many 
repetitions of "Error: Relocation cannot be done when using -mrelocatable"

This would seem to be something dead-simple that I'm missing in building a 
cross-compiler, because nobody else seems to have this problem.  Any 
suggestions?  I built GCC without changing the prefix, so it built in 
/usr/local/powerpc-linux and /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-linux/  Do I need 
to add something to ld.so.conf?  The Makefile does seem to be finding the 
path.  Sorry about my ignorance.  I'm really a mechanical designer in 
disguise, and I'm definitely new to cross-compiling.

I have one other question:  In the archives for the forum, I noticed a 
contribution to the CVS regarding a low-loading image config.  The assertion 
was that this image would load at 0xFF000000, and that moving the boot jumper 
to the "low" position would boot there.  According to the docs I have from 
Motorola, moving the jumper to the "low" position boots from 0x00000100 
(SDRAM).  High boot is 0xFFF00100 (FLASH)
("Lite5200 Manual.pdf", page 19)

Is there a misprint in the manual?

Victor Wren

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