[U-Boot-Users] Binary file cat

Adam Bezanson bezanson at comcast.net
Sat Nov 22 06:47:16 CET 2003



I have ported u-boot to my arm920t based system. I have a unique
situation in that my processor requires a binary header to be placed

In front of u-boot.bin before it is burnt into flash. If the processor
doesn't find this header in flash it will not boot out of flash.

Currently I have the header file as a separate file in the root
directory and when I finish a new compile I have a shell script which

Simply does a 'cat header.bin u-boot.bin > out.bin'. I'd like to get
away from this and add it to the Makefiles so for my board 

I don't have to run this script every time. Before I go editing a
top-level Makefile, I wanted to ask for advice on how I should go

About doing this? Anything I can do in my board-specific directory would
make me feel better.






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