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Adam Bezanson bezanson at comcast.net
Sun Nov 23 19:44:38 CET 2003

Thanks, I'll give that a try. I should have clarified "my processor" a
little more. It's a Cirrus Logic EP9312 and yes indeed there is a boot
rom internal to the processor that does these checks for a signature
that I've put in this header. Essentially it's a way for it to determine
if there's a valid image in flash to boot from, otherwise it tries to
boot from other interfaces. 

I certainly didn't want to do a global change to a Makefile for
something like this.


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Dear Adam,

in message <002301c3b0bc$19651120$e199fea9 at amlp> you wrote:
> I have ported u-boot to my arm920t based system. I have a unique
> situation in that my processor requires a binary header to be placed

Your _processor_? I never head something like that. Are you sure it's
not another existing boot loader on your system?

> Currently I have the header file as a separate file in the root
> I don't have to run this script every time. Before I go editing a
> top-level Makefile, I wanted to ask for advice on how I should go
> About doing this? Anything I can do in my board-specific directory
> make me feel better.

Me too, and it's actually easier that way. trun your binary header in
an object file and edit the linker script for your board to load this
object first.

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