[U-Boot-Users] Debugging U-Boot on 440GP

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Nov 25 17:38:52 CET 2003

Dear Brian,

in message <DGEEIPOFGGPOACEFBGGCAECICBAA.bpadalino at perigee.com> you wrote:
> I have a BDI2000 and a custom target board.  I am can successfully connect
> to it and step through single instructions.  I can also set a breakpoint at
> _start_440, but any breakpoints after that do not get noticed.  I have the
> BDI setup for HARD breakpoints.  Should I have it setup for SOFT instead?


Did you read http://www.denx.de/twiki/bin/view/DULG/DebuggingUBoot
and http://www.denx.de/twiki/bin/view/DULG/DebuggingTricks ?

> What I am seeing is that when I stop the CPU, it's either at 0x700 or
> 0x1400 -- both of which are defined in the kgdb.c file, but I don't know

No. These exception vectors are not defined in  the  kgdb.c,  but  in
start.S; if you look up the addresses in the System.map file you will

	????0700 t ProgramCheck
	????1400 t DataTLBError

Does that ring a bell?

> what they mean.  Can anyone shed any light on the situation for me?  I am
> very new to both the BDI and using gdb (but I learn quickly).

There is probably more interesting information for you in the DULG  -
see URL above.

Best regards,

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