[U-Boot-Users] How can I save env values to NAND FLASH

최광일 choigi at samsung.com
Fri Nov 28 00:41:22 CET 2003

Dear All

Das U-Boot uses NOR FLASH for saving environment values 

for example IPADDR,GATEWAY and so on.

I have a board with only NAND FLASH (SAMSUNG NAND FLASH 64M) without NOR FLASH

and when I entered saveenv command to save environment values to NAND FLASH in U-Boot

Some message returned and my values are not saved into NAND 

======= Message ================ 
SMDK2410 # saveenv 

Saving Environment to Flash... 
Un-Protected 1 sectors Erasing Flash...Erasing sector 18 ... ok. 
Erased 1 sectors Writing to Flash... Flash not Erased Protected 1 sectors 
===== End of Message ===========

How Can I save environment values to NAND FLASH?

Best regards

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