[U-Boot-Users] I cann't initialize OR/BR registers in cpu_init.c?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Oct 13 09:41:24 CEST 2003


in message <339ce34411.34411339ce at rails.com.cn> you wrote:
>    I'm porting u-boot-0.4.0 to my WindRiver MDP PRO board now,some 

You should be using the CVS (top of tree) version for any new  ports.
Ot  at  least  a  more  recent  snapshot  (u-boot-0.4.8) from the FTP

> addressing specifications are listed below.I choose the 
> fads823 as the model.I have vision ICE ii & vision CLICK to program 

Bad choice. The FADS board contains many board specific things  which
you will not find on other hardware.

>    Now in the cpu_init.c ,I masked all the OR/BR initialization 
> clause,for when I released them there's nothing displayed on 

This means your board configuration and/or your debug environment  is

> **1.why I cann't initialize the OR/BR registers in the cpu_init.c

Maybe because some initialization is already being  done  (badly)  by
your  vision*  debuggers.  Make  sure  that  you perform only MINIMAL
initialization in the debugger (only disable  the  watchdog;  do  NOT
touch the memory controller at all).

> **2.how to modify the dram initialization to pass the relocate_code()

Read  the  specifications  provided  bythe  chip  manufacturer,   and
implement a matching initialization sequence.

> 3.can you tell me something details about the BCSR register in the 
> FADS823 model.

Don't care about it. This is different hardware than  yours,  so  any
information about it will not apply to your board anyway.

> 4.are there any better model for WindRiver MDPRRO board ?

Maybe. Probably. But I don't know the MDPRRO ...

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