[U-Boot-Users] SCC Ethernet with PHY BCM522 - Multiple ETH interfaces

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Oct 14 16:52:28 CEST 2003


in message <20031014142448.53386.qmail at web40408.mail.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> > This usually means that your clock routing is wrong.
> Thanks again... I could get SCC4 up, the usual RCLK
> and TCLK issue :-)

Thanks for the confirmation.

> Refering README I learnt that we can set multiple MAC
> addresses as eth0addr, eth1addr etc.
> Can we set multiple IP addresss and simultaneoulsy use
> multiple interfaces ?

U-Boot deals with one address only (environment variable "ipaddr").

> I want both FEC and SCC.

It depends on what you do. If you use BOOTP or DHCP you will get  the
correct  IP  address  for each interface. If you manually set ipaddr,
you will have to decide which is the correct value for the  interface
you are going to use.

> #define SC_ENET calls "scc_initialize" first and
> #define FEC_ENET calls "fec_initialize" "net/eth.c" 
> So I am able to use only SCC inteface since that is
> called first. 

You  can  configurew  for  redundand  interfaces  (so   U-Boot   will
automagically change interfaces when one is found to be not working),
but in this case only a single IP address makes sense.

> Also to set PHY registers we have to use MII interface
> with is a part of FEC. Can the MII ( PHY registers )
> be accessed from SCC ?

No. The SCC uses a standard 7 wire interface and does not  (normally)
deal with PHY configuration.

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