[U-Boot-Users] 859/866 clock issues

Nye Liu nyet at mrv.com
Sat Oct 18 02:26:19 CEST 2003

two minor things on the 859/866

1) measure_gclk() is very inaccurate. Better to use the plprcr and
CFG_8XX_XIN (which MUST BE 10MHz for that cpu) to derive the "real" bus

2) the 859/866 does NOT support external speeds higher than 66MHz,
so if cpu_clk is greater, EBDF01 MUST BE USED IN CFG_SCCR

I have a patch for 1, but i no longer have my 859/866 eval board

I have no patch for 2, but eventually we should come up with some sort
of solution; the 859/866 is almost always configured to run faster than

Nye Liu
nliu at mrv.com
(818) 772-6235x248

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	-- Don Quixote

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