[U-Boot-Users] PQ2VADS (8270) & BDI2000 - III

Matias Sundman (AL/EAB) matias.sundman at ericsson.com
Tue Oct 21 12:36:48 CEST 2003

I tried to flash the u-boot.bin file to 0xff900000 and 0xff800000
but I cant get anything on the console ... am I missing some steps?

I made the following steps:

1. Edited the MPC8260ADS.h file in order to set CFG_PQ2FADS as the target board ...
2. make MPC8260ADS_config
3. make clean
4. make all

5. Flashed area 0xff900000 and restarted the board
No output on the console ...

6. Flashed area 0xff800000 and restarted the board
No output on the console ...

Any ideas?

Cheers // Matias 


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Hello again,
I have now received a BDI2000 from Abatron.
There is a configuration file included with the package for 
my target board, which is - PQ2FADS.

U-boot is compiled with the CFG_PQ2FADS define in the MPC8260ADS.h file.

Can I use the configuration file as is and burn u-boot.bin to the flash,
and after a restart of the board I get a working u-boot automagically?

Regards // Matias

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I am using BDI2000 with an 8270 right now and it works fine. Its just 
the standard package for ppc 6xx/7xx/82xx/7400/7410. I used the 
configuration file for the vads8260 and fixed it up for my board (a 
custom unit). I don't have a config for the pq2vads board I'm afraid.


Matias Sundman (TB/EAB) wrote:

>I have compiled uboot for the PQ2VADS Motorola
>evaluation board and tried to flash it with a 
>JTAG probe from GreenHills. Unfortunately their
>probe does not support the 8270 architecture today.
>Does BDI2000 support the ppc8270 JTAG chain architecture?
>If so , does someone have a configuration file for the
>PQ2VADS Motorola evaluation board?
>Best Regards // Matias
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