[U-Boot-Users] Problem with LAN91C113

Rick.Lee cisc at tom.com
Tue Oct 21 15:50:46 CEST 2003

 The Ethernet Chip on my board is SMSC LAN91C113,the driver I used is smc91111.c.
I've defined CONFIG_DRIVER_SMC91111,undefined xxx_USE_32_BIT undefined xxxx_EXT_PHY.
 When u-boot runs up, I try to ping my host from u-boot,but the sniffer on my host cannot catch any hardware packet,but my host sends ARP REPLY packet to my board. and the sended packet is captured by sniffer.Unfortunitly,board does'nt seem to have received right packet.I've enabled ET_DEBUG,It prints:

AND LEDA & LEDB both lights!

What is the reason?
Can you give me some ideas?
Thanks a lot!

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