[U-Boot-Users] U-boot automatic selection of redundant ethern et interfaces?

Mark Doherty mdoherty at arca-technologies.com
Tue Oct 28 14:00:43 CET 2003

Dear Wolfgang,

> I don't know if the "ping" code takes redundand  ethernet  interfaces
> into  account,  i. e. if it will toggle interfaces. I don't even know
> if this makes sense - "ping" is  intended  to  test  if  somebody  is
> responding,  and  it  makes  probably  no  sense  here to distinguish
> between the remote ost being down or cable disconnected or  interface
> broken.
> It's a differetn issue with a  network  boot  (dhcp,  bootp  or  tftp
> command)  - you expect these to work, and if they are failingit seems
> a good idea to try an alternative inteface if there is one.

It works as you suggested, ping doesn't use redundant interfaces but tftp
certainly does, initially it times out the first time it tries a transfer
(which initially threw me!) but the second time it works nicely. Exactly
what I was looking for, 

thank you.


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