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Yes you are right. 
I mean that Load a U-Boot from NAND FLASH not NOR FLASH.

Currently SMDK2410 Reference Board boots up from nor flash as you know.
But SMDK2410 support NAND Boot Up so I want to use that feature.

You could get information about SMDK2410 board at

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> How can I boot from NAND Flash (Smart Media Card) not nor flash..
Please define "boot".
What do you have in mind? Boot U-Boot from a Smart Media Card? [Can't
be done.] Load a Linux kernel from a Smart Media Card and  start  it?
[Enable  JFFS2  support  and  put  the  Linux kernel image in a JFFS2

> Is it possible to boot up from NAND Flash using U-Boot. If it could
> can I enable that feature.

It may be possible, depending on your definition of "boot".

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