[U-Boot-Users] I have some problem when booting Intel Xscale PXA263 CPU...

Jacob Chan jacob_chan at so-net.net.tw
Thu Oct 30 09:51:49 CET 2003

Dear Wolfgang,
In my board, there are 32MB Flash memory and 128MB SDRAM.
The memory map is 
0x00000000 ~ 0x01FFFFFF CS0 -->32MB Flash memory
0xa0000000 ~ 0xa3FFFFFF SDCS0 --> 64MB SDRAM
0xa4000000 ~ 0xa7FFFFFF SDCS0 --> 64MB SDRAM
I set 
TEXT_BASE = 0xa0300000
#define CFG_LOAD_ADDR 0xa2000000
#define CFG_MALLOC_LEN          (1024*1024)
#define CONFIG_STACKSIZE        (1024*1024)
and the console output is
U-Boot 0.4.8 (Oct 30 2003 - 16:25:25)

U-Boot code: A0300000 -> A0314874  BSS: -> A0315D84
DRAM Configuration:
Bank #0: a0000000 64 MB
Bank #1: a4000000 64 MB
Flash: 32 MB
into env_flash.c --> env_relocate_spec...
Exit env_flash.c --> env_relocate_spec...
End of env_relocate() 
Setting IP Address
End of Setting IP Address.
Into common/lists.c --> ListCreate
Into common/lists.c --> NewHandle             <--- It hangs.

Now I still trace into NewHandle function.
I find it hangs in malloc() function.
I am confuse that the function malloc in common folder.
I think the malloc function can work correctly in the Lubbock board.
Why it can't work in my target board?
Is my CPU Memory Register setting wrong???
I am confuse.


Best regards,

Jacob Chan

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In message
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> I am using u-boot-0.4.8 to boot my Intel Xscale PXA263 M/B.
> After boot, I can see the console out but it hang at common/lists.c line =
> 36.
> The calloc(size,num) that defined as malloc(size*num).
> I have no idea to debug it.

First think. Then think again. What's your memory map? How big is the
malloc area, the stack, etc. on your board?

Then attach a BDI2000 and fire up GDB ...

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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