[U-Boot-Users] Submitting Patch for AdderII

Krishnaprasad, Raghunandan Raghu.Krishnaprasad at fci.com
Tue Sep 2 12:26:45 CEST 2003

Dear Wolfgang, 

Sorry for delayed reply. Our office got shifted so could not get on the net.

>> Added, will push to CVS soon.
I have attached a latest patch, "u-boot-final.patch" 

>> Please submit an additional patch with the required  entries  to  the

I have also updated the latest patch with respect to MAINTAINERS and CREDITS

There are few additions in "AdderII.config" file with respect to FEC in this
new patch.
I tried to checkout the CVS version from "cvs.sourceforge.net" but was
unable to do so.
I hope what this patch will apply above the patch I had sent earlier and
your work easy. I can send a complete patch otherwise.

> There is yet this issue of "Machine exception Interrupt" which when sloved
> can be added with rest  of the stuff. 

>>What exactly is the issue there?

The machine exception in this patch is resolved. This patch has the FLASH,
FEC and SMC1 enabled and they all work fine. 

I am right now working on linux bootup on this board. I have this issue of
"timer_interrupt" I had posted a mail on this to the ppc-linux community. I
havent received any replies.

Thanks for you kind support and help.

Warm Regards,

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