[U-Boot-Users] Debugging U-Boot with BDI2000

Robert Schwebel robert at schwebel.de
Thu Sep 11 13:55:44 CEST 2003

On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 12:11:58PM +0200, Glenson Muthedan wrote:
> I'm quite new to U-Boot and trying to get started with the
> Bootloader-Stuff for some weeks now. My Board is similar to Accelent
> IDP or CSB226(PXA250 with 32 MB Strataflash and 32 MB SDRAM).

Did you try using U-Boot + one of my -ptx patches? Should work better on
PXA than vanilla because of the memory layout problems. 

> U-Boot seems to crash on my board before it can output something through
> the serial line. So I wanted step through U-Boot right from the very
> first instruction using BDI2000 while booting. The problem is that the
> information the bdi user manual gives, is quite confusing. I tried out
> various configurations for BDI2000, but really don't know what to do
> with the vector table in the "Mini IC" and the debug handler stuff.

I currently use this one: 

CPUTYPE         PXA250          ; the target CPU type
JTAGCLOCK       1               ; use 8 MHz JTAG clock
DBGHANDLER      0xFE000800      ; 
ENDIAN          LITTLE          ; memory model (LITTLE | BIG)
BREAKMODE       HARD            ; SOFT or HARD; HARD does only allow two
                                ; breakpoints, but does work on flash
;VECTOR         CATCH 0xDE      ; trap all vectors
;VTABLO         0xE59FF014      ; Use fixed vectors "ldr pc, [pc, #14]"

> The situation now is as following: The target is in debug mode right
> from the start and the PC is pointing to 0xffff0004. "go" or "ti"
> doesn't work because of access to an invalid memory address. (My
> configuration file now contains a blank [INIT] section and no vector
> table/debug handler stuff in the [TARGET] part)

I started with the Lubbock config which came with the BDI and it worked
quite fine. 

> 1) Is it possible to debug U-Boot with BDI2000 (Linux host) at all?
> (eg. step through the instructions)

Yes, works perfectly. 

> 2) Do somebody have a working configuration file for BDI2000 (Linux 
> host) to be used with a PXA250-target?

I send you my CSB config with separate mail. 

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