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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Sep 11 21:09:47 CEST 2003

Dear Allen,

please keep the u-boot-users list Cc:ed.

In message <FA06AA2C99BCD511951200005A99441003BE1706 at IRVEXCH1> you wrote:
> I am sorry about the format. Between fighting the corporate IT guys and
> Windoz I feel lucky that it works at all.

It's not usable, though. We need context or  unified  diff's  or  any
simple change elsewhere in the file (which causes the line numbers to
shift) will break it.

> > <       $(OBJCOPY) -O binary $< $@ 2>/dev/null
> > ---
> > 	>       $(OBJCOPY) -O ppcboot $< $@ 2>/dev/null
> Please explain why. Does the MontaVista version of the  binutils  doe
> not understand "binary" output format any longer?
> The MontaVista tools will not convert binary to srec. You get an error
> message about unknown architecture. However I discovered the ppcboot options
> which works fine.  Another solution is to use "dd" to strip the 64k header.

Well, this is a bug in the MV toolchain then. Complain at MV. We will
NOT add this to the Makefile as it breaks all other systems.

> > Index: board/mpc8266ads/config.mk
> > ==================================================================
> > RCS file: /cvsroot/u-boot/u-boot/board/mpc8266ads/config.mk,v
> > retrieving revision 1.2
> > diff -r1.2 config.mk
> > 30c30
> > < TEXT_BASE = 0xfe000000
> > ---
> > 	> TEXT_BASE = 0xfff00000
> Please explain why you think this is necessary.
> The reset vector for 8260 is 0xfff00100. The easiest way to u-boot to put
> code at this location is to change TEXT_BASE. This is the same as the
> MPC8260 config.mk file....

There is no relation between the reset vector and TEXT_BASE. You  can
have the reset vector at 0x100 and TEXT_BASE - say - at 0x40000000. I
don't  think  I  want to change this configuration (which seems to be
working to several people) without a really good reason.

> > diff -r1.4 MPC8266ADS.h
> > 236,237c236,237
> > < #define CFG_FLASH_BASE                0xFE000000
> > < #define FLASH_BASE            0xFE000000
> > ---
> > 	> #define CFG_FLASH_BASE                0xFF800000
> > 	> #define FLASH_BASE            0xFF800000
> > 252,253c252,253
> > < #define CFG_BCSR              0xF8000000
> > < #define CFG_PCI_INT           0xF8200000      /* PCI interrupt
> controller
> > */
> > ---
> > 	> #define CFG_BCSR              0x04500000
> > 	> #define CFG_PCI_INT           0x04730000      /* PCI interrupt
> > controller */
> Please explain why you think this is necessary.
> FLASH_BASE 0xff800000 - the board ships with a 8MB SIMM. This is the base
> address.

You can map the flash at any  arbitrary  address.  I  don't  see  why
0xFF800000  would  be  any  better  than  0xFE000000  - on contrary -
mapping it at 0xFE000000 leaves enough room if there should ever be a
board with bigger flash chips.

> CFG_BCSR & CFG_PCI_INIT - according to the memory map in the MPC8266ADS
> manual, these are the physical addresses. You need to access the BCSR to
> enable the serial and Ethernet ports.

Physical addresses on a 82xx are programmable. The programming of the
memory controller decides where a device shows up  in  the  physiacal
memory  map. Please ignore the memory map given in the manyal - it is
just one example out of many possible, and it  is  an  example  which
will NOT work with Linux.

> Actually I think it is a bug to map the BCSR at a  low  address  like
> 0x04500000.  Are  you  really,  really  sure that this will work with
> Linux?
> Virtual address != Physical address
> These are correct according to the documentation

You are wrong. There are certain address ranges in  Linux  which  are
mapped  with  virtual"physical 1:1. The IMMR and BCSR areas are among

> This works. The current u-boot implementation does not work. Perhaps the
> current configuration works with a different board configuration. If that is
> true, then there should be a big note somewhere with detailed configuration
> notes.

I doubt that you  have  any  Linux  applications  running  with  your

Rune, are you reading this?  I  don't  have  a  MPC8266ADS  board  to
actually  test  this,  but you are the board maintainer. What is your

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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