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Chan Queenie-r54684 Queenie.Chan at motorola.com
Tue Sep 16 11:28:42 CEST 2003

Hi all,


I'm new to U-Boot.  I'd like to run an application after my custom board is booted up.  In the U-Boot readme file, I learned there is a command called "loads" which will download the *.srec from the host to the board through serial line.  So I want to download the hello world demo and see how it works.  I don't know how I should setup my board and my host.


My host run on Windows 2000 and connects to the board using HyperTerminal.  With that, I'm able to see the bootup message.  When I type "loads", it shows the following:


            => loads

            ## Ready for S-Record download ...


but the next line "~>examples/hello_world.srec" never comes out.  Must I use Linux as the host?


I downloaded C-Kermit for Linux and Windows XP, too.  But I couldn't set it up correctly.  In Linux, I entered the following commands and expected to see the bootup message as in HyperTerminal, but I didn't.


set line <my device>

set speed 115200

set serial 8N1

set carrier-watch off



And I couldn't make a connection using Kermit 95 for Windows XP either.


What have I done wrong?


Please help!  Your advice is appreciated.


Best Regards,

Queenie Chan

NCSD Application Engineer


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