[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] allow CFG_ALT_MEMTEST to be used on ARM

Anders Larsen alarsen at rea.de
Wed Sep 17 16:34:31 CEST 2003


here's a patch against 0.4.8 that allows CFG_ALT_MEMTEST to be used on
systems where writing to address zero crashes the system.

On ARM (well, at least on my PXA255) writing to address zero causes a
"data abort" (which, IMHO, is a Good Thing(tm)).

This patch allows the board-specific config to define an alternative
scratch-address (CFG_MEMTEST_SCRATCH) to be used by the extensive
memory test.
CFG_MEMTEST_SCRATCH does not have to point to physical RAM, it only
has to point to a writeable (not necessarily readable) address.

   Allow CFG_ALT_MEMTEST on systems where address zero isn't writeable


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