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Gianluca gcosta at libero.it
Thu Sep 18 14:15:24 CEST 2003

Hi Kevin,

In  board/smdk2410/smdk2410.c I have added these lines:

#elif FCLK_SPEED==2              /* Fout = 200MHz */
#define M_MDIV  0x5c
#define M_PDIV  0x4
#define M_SDIV  0x0

and I have redefine FCLK_SPEED to 2.



KevinLiao at iei.com.tw wrote:
> Hi, could you kindly tell me what frequency should be set to boot the 
> mizi kernel?
> Because I try many times but it always hangs right after uncompressing 
> kernel.
> Thanks a lot.
> Regards,
> Kevin
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> Dear Gianluca,in message <3F68D1DF.7020007 at libero.it> you wrote:> > I send you my patch for s3c2410 ARM processor. This patch implements > boot directly from nandflash. I haven't created new board in board > directory but I have writed new config-file (smdk2410nand.h) that use > smdk2410 board.I have forwarded your patch to David M 刜ler who is the maintainer forthe SMDK2410 board; I cannot test it myself.> I tested with MAKEALL ARM9 my patch.> I changed the frequency of internal clock of s3c2410 (for smdk2410 > borad) because (only) in this way the Linux Mizi kernel can boot correctly.> The patch is based on u-boot 0.4.8.> > This is my first contribution to open source and I hope that it is > useful to someone.It is definitely useful, but I have a couple of questions:* Which problem are you trying to address which is not  supported  by  the existing NAND code?* Is it necessary to implement this in a processor specific way?* You add new configuration options like CONFIG_S3C
2410_NAND_BOOT but  do not include any  dosumentation.  At  least,  please  provide  an  explantion  of these options for the README fie. If you feel longer  explanations are needed create a new file  doc/README.NAND-Boot  or  so.David, I've forwarded the patch to you. Can you please have a look atthe implementation details? Thanks.Best regards,Wolfgang Denk-- Software Engineering:  Embedded and Realtime Systems,  Embedded LinuxPhone: (+49)-8142-4596-87  Fax: (+49)-8142-4596-88  Emmail: wd at denx.de"If God had wanted us to use the metric system, Jesus would have  had10 apostles."-------------------------------------------------------This sf.net email is sponsored by:ThinkGeekWelcome to geek heaven.http://thinkgeek.com/sf_______________________________________________U-Boot-Users mailing listU-Boot-Users at lists.sourceforge.nethttps://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/u-boot-users
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