[U-Boot-Users] Startup for ARM boards?

Anders Larsen alarsen at rea.de
Wed Sep 24 11:20:21 CEST 2003

Steven Scholz <steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de> schreibt:
>PPC boards basicly have a board_init_f(), doing initialization, then
>the code from flash to ram using relocate_code(), and then continue in
>ram with 
>I can't find anything like this in the ARM based files?

Try again - it's all there (only, the naming is different)!
>How is that done? Is that the same for all ARM boards?

Execution starts in cpu/<your-cpu-here>/start.S which does the initial
initialization, helped by board/<your-board-here>/memsetup.S
When memsetup.S has set up the (S)(D)RAM, start.S relocates the code
from flash to RAM and continues with start_armboot() in lib_arm/board.c

This is practically identical for all ARM boards, yes (but watch out
for the details ;-).


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