[U-Boot-Users] mtest

himbA goavr at email.si
Fri Apr 2 14:03:49 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> Sorry, my crystal ball is in dire need of an ectoplasmic upgrade. :-)


OK, I did some more research - my SDRAM config is
PHYS_SDRAM_1            0xa0000000
PHYS_SDRAM_1_SIZE       0x04000000
CFG_DRAM_BASE           0xa0000000
CFG_DRAM_SIZE           0x04000000

those memory errors mentioned in earlier post do 
not appear if I change CFG_MEMTEST_END from 
0xa3efffff (- 63M) to 0xa3dfffff (- 62M). 
CFG_MEMTEST_START = 0xa0100000 (1M -). In 
config.mk TEXT_BASE = 0xa3f00000.

at bootup uboot displays
U-Boot code: A3F00000 -> A3F177B8  BSS: -> A3F1BAD8

Is there some uboot relevant stuff between 
0xa3efffff - 0xa3dfffff that I run over when doing 
mtest on all 63Mb? Code and stack seem to be safe.

regards, himba
..because under Linux "if something is possible in 
then it is already implemented or somebody is 
working on it".

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