[U-Boot-Users] [patch] MicroBlaze port of U-Boot

Stephan Linz linz at mazet.de
Wed Apr 7 09:09:05 CEST 2004

Am Dienstag,  6. April 2004 21:40 schrieb Yasushi SHOJI:
> Hello all,
> Here is a patch against the current CVS for microblaze port of
> u-boot. I does nothing but boot itself, but this can be a start.
> Suggestions, thoughts, and comments are welcome, of course.
> best regards,
> --
>        yashi

Looks nice - two hints/annotations:

1.) You should avoid the serial_init() & main_loop() calls inside your 
board_init() function. I think it's an unclean U-Boot coding style. The right 
place would be in lib_microblaze/board.c functions board_init_[rf]() or 
board_init() for targets without Flash/RAM abstraction (like Nios).
Why do you do so?

2.) As far as I can remember the Microblaze CPU is the Soft CPU by Xilinx 
like Nios by Altera. So the core will be very very flexible and have to be 
configurable. Have a look at the differen Nios targets and let you inspire to 
map your specific CPU configuration into the U-Boot configuration managment.

Best regards,
Stepha Linz

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