[U-Boot-Users] IMMAP M5282 correct?

Josef Baumgartner josef.baumgartner at telex.de
Thu Apr 8 08:24:09 CEST 2004


I created the mcf52x2 port using the older patches for u-boot 0.4.0.
I'm working with the Motorola MCF5272C3 evaluation board. The parts
for the 5272 are working very well!

For the mcf5282 I only integrated the old code to be able to compile it with 
the new u-boot version. The code was not tested and still needs some work for 
a stable release. I don't have any 5282 hardware so I couldn't do the work.

I know there are a few people around working at the 5282 port but  I don't
know the status of their work.


Josef Baumgartner

On Wednesday 07 April 2004 16:26, nafiton smith wrote:
> Hello
> I am having problems trying to use the net features on a new board
> configuration.
> Is it possible that the include/asm-m68k/immap_5282.h file is wrong? It
> seems to not coincide with Motorola documentation about its FEC registers.
> Thanks
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