[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] MPC5200: Remove CSBOOT / CS0 configuration from start.S

Mark Jonas mark.jonas at motorola.com
Tue Apr 13 12:30:42 CEST 2004


the attached patch fixes the problem that the current start.S for 
MPC5200 contains code to initialize CSBOOT / CS0 timing, bus width and 
other configuration.

       lis     r3,     0x00047800 at h
       ori     r3, r3, 0x00047800 at l
       stw     r3, 0x300(r4)           /* set timing, CS0/boot conf reg */

Right now that only works because all U-Boot supported MPC5200 boards 
are very Lite5200 (aka IceCube 5200) like. Once there is a board which's 
Flash is is connected in 24 bits address, 8 bits data, non-multiplexed 
mode this will break.

Additionally, the patch removes enabling of the IPBI wait states. This 
is not needed because IP bus is not configured to run with > 66 MHz in 
U-Boot and if needed this should be done always and not only when 
performing a low boot.

Interesting enough U-Boot already has a solution for setting tuned CS0 
timings. This is done using the CFG_BOOTCS_CFG define which is applied 
in cpu/mpc5xxx/cpu_init.c.

Mark Jonas

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