[U-Boot-Users] Patch for U-Boot 1.1 with memory settings fixed

Markus Pietrek mpietrek at fsforth.de
Wed Apr 14 11:38:23 CEST 2004

Hi Wolfgang,

> it seems some parts of  your  patch  to  add  the  NetSilicon  NS9750
> DevBoard board were missing - there is no entry for this board in the
> toplevel Makefile. Please check and send a patch.

Here is my patch. It is for the current CVS entry.

Some memory settings have also been fixed, so I'm currently able to start a 
linux from it.

Best regards,

Markus Pietrek
Kueferstrasse 8, D-79206 Breisach, Germany
FS Forth-Systeme GmbH
Phone: +49 (7667) 908 145,  FAX +49 (7667) 908 245
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