[U-Boot-Users] soft_i2c

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Apr 23 16:46:17 CEST 2004

In message <20040423160543.D8298 at gateway.bln.innominate.local> you wrote:
> > Do you really think this is more readable and more general?
> Yes, absoluteley - and if _MPC8260 and _8xx declare their port
>   #define DECLARE_I2C_PORT ........
> in their board-configuration file the soft_i2c.c is board independend
> and other boards can easily use it .....

But soft_i2c.c is board independent as is. It's even processor  inde-
pendent as is.

> In the old version he has to add 6 times the same #ifdef s
> This is ugly copy&paste programming in my eyes.
> Your mileage my vary...

If we'd move the code in the board config files we'd have to copy  it
approx.  100 times - that would be even worse. This code is not board

I see what you mean - but your patch is even less portable as it will
break all boards that fail to define DECLARE_I2C_PORT. OK -  you  can
add  a #ifdef, but then I really think that there is no difference in
readability left. Another option is to use a file-global  declaration
of  the  pointers,  but  that  would increas the memopry footprint of
U-boot by 264 bytes - after all, I think the  benefit  of  all  these
changes is epsilon and not worth the effort.

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