[U-Boot-Users] Patch: Vitesse VSC8201/Cicada CIS8201 errata

Travis Sawyer tsawyer+u-boot at sandburst.com
Fri Apr 23 21:25:12 CEST 2004


I've been alerted to an interoperability issue with the cicada cis8201
(now the vitesse vsc8201) gigabit ethernet phy and the Intel 82547EI.

Apparently the Intel part has a 'slightly delayed response' in making
the scrambler mode detection.

This patch lengthens the timer setting for the '8201.

I have had a report or two of problems with link on the Ocotea (IBM440GX
reference design) which uses the '8201.


* Patch by Travis Sawyer, 23 Apr 2004:
  Fix VSC/CIS 8201 phy descrambler interoperability timing due to errata
  from Vitesse Semiconductor.

Patch is attached.

Best Regards,

Travis Sawyer

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