[U-Boot-Users] MPC82xx MMU cfg

Oliver Fuchs olivers.lists at gmx.net
Mon Aug 2 10:58:40 CEST 2004

Hi all,

sorry for the probably OT question but I hope to find here the 
experts at booting the linux kernel.
I've got a proprietary board with MPC8280 and U-Boot 1.1.1.
If I boot the kernel (2.4.24 from ELDK3.0), it crashes in 
I guess there is the first access to IMMR area which launches a "Data 
translation miss" exception.
The BAT registers seem to be missconfigured.

It would be fine if anyone could point me to
1. where the kernel configures the BAT registers and
2. where I can read about how the kernel uses the MMU.

Thanks in advance,

some additional info:

IMMR: 0F000000

BAT registers:
    DBAT0U  F0001FFE   BEPI F0000000    BL 00001FFC  Vs 1  Vp 0
    DBAT0L  F000002A   BRPN 00007800  WIMG _I_G  PP read/write
    DBAT1U  E0001FFE   BEPI E0000000    BL 00001FFC  Vs 1  Vp 0
    DBAT1L  E000002A   BRPN 00007000  WIMG _I_G  PP read/write
    DBAT2U  C00007FE   BEPI C0000000    BL 000007FC  Vs 1  Vp 0
    DBAT2L  00000002   BRPN 00000000  WIMG ____  PP read/write

What are DBAT0/1x good for?

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