[U-Boot-Users] Fixed CD in serial.c, AT91RM9200

Steven Scholz steven.scholz at imc-berlin.de
Tue Aug 3 13:34:10 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> In message <367ED8C46538D7119DAC000A0D106744520D6E at elmegmbh.elmedmn.com> you wrote:
>>is there a reason why the clock divisor in the baudrate generator register
>>(us->US_BRGR) is set to a fixed value in serial_setbrg(void):
>>I changed the implementation of serial_setbrg(void) and i can now opperate
>>at higher baudrates. (change baudrate with loadb).
> I have never seen any feedback or comments about this proposal.
> Anybody out there?

I introduced this since it was originally hardcoded to

	us->US_BRGR = 33

for the AT91RM9200DK. The comment says "hardcode so no __divsi3".
I decdided that having a CFG_AT91C_BRGR_DIVISOR in your board specific 
header file would be enough.

I had no time to test Peter's patch yet. But go ahead and apply it. If I 
find problems I'll report them...

Steven Scholz

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