[U-Boot-Users] New NAND code

Dave Ellis DGE at sixnetio.com
Tue Aug 3 15:33:37 CEST 2004

Pantelis Antoniou wrote: 
> Stefan Roese wrote:
> > I just searched the archieve:
> > Dave Ellis gave a feedback (3rd May) for an earlier version of the
> > rewritten code. And Wolfgang Denk mentioned on 7th June that the
> > doesn't compile (for the PPChameleon Board).

> > Pantelis or Dave, could you give us any info about the status of the
> > code? Are you still using your patch? Is there a newer version that
> > applies to the current CVS? I am willing to do some testing...

I am not using the patch. I intended to test it, but was very busy and
never got to it. 

> I'm using the code extensively on my boards.
> There is one more thing in my TODO list; support large Samsung NANDs.
> Unfortunately not much feedback was received from other users of NAND.
> If I can scrape some time I'll send a patch against the current CVS.
> I sure could use a tester though :)

I'm not as busy now. I could test a new patch against current CVS to
sure it works for the commands I use.

Dave Ellis

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