[U-Boot-Users] Question about new board directory layout

Jon Loeliger jdl at freescale.com
Tue Aug 3 18:28:46 CEST 2004


Right now, code has been developed for two new boards
from Freescale: the 8555CDS and the 8541CDS.  These
are the first introductions for a series of new boards
in the "CDS" family.  There are future variants of new
boards within this family that will be introduced later.

The CDS Architecture is a modular system that allows
a "board" to be built from pluggable modules.  There is
a backplane into which a carrier card is plugged.  The
carrier card has components like flash and SDRAM on it.
The carrier card also has a place where different CPU
modules can be plugged into it.  Together, the carrier
card and the CPU module form the "board" concept.

    8555CDS      8555     E500        NOW
    8541CDS      8541     E500        NOW
    85??CDS      85??     E500        PLAN
    86??CDS      86??     74xx(E600)  PLAN

I can not be more precise on either the 85?? or the 86??
boards and CPUs as their details are not public yet.
I use them as examples of the issues that need to be
addressed.  Note that each of the board names above is
an individual product that already can be or soon will
be a product offered by Freescale.  It is expected that
there will be many products offered on this platform.

The CPU support for the 85xxCDS boards is already
available in the  cpu/mpc85xx  directory.  Nothing needs
to be done or modified for that.

However, I need to introduce a directory structure for the
new Freescale family of CDS boards.  There is some amount
of shared code that can be leveraged in these boards due
to the carrier-card based architecture specifically around
areas like the SDRAM, flash, etc. There is also board-specific
code like init.S that must be present for each of the
different cores.

We would, of course, like to avoid duplicate code for the
new CDS variants.  Do you have a suggestion as to how we
should properly introduce a directory structure for the CDS
family and the individual boards?


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