[U-Boot-Users] what exactly is netconsole

Daren Hayward darenh at 4bridgeworks.com
Fri Aug 13 14:55:16 CEST 2004

Dear Wolfgang,

> in message <411BBB19.4060800 at mc.com> you wrote:
> > 
> > A recent post mentions that U-Boot now has netconsole 
> features, at least 
> > on the ocotea PPC440 board. What type of functionality does this 
> > provide? I did find, on the web, that netconsole is UDP based at is 
> > typically used as a networked console for kernel debugging.
> In general it is a good idea to  read  the  available  documentation.
> Ideally, you do this BEFORE posting to the mailing list.
> May I bother you to have a look at the doc/README.NetConsole file?

I would if it existed but is not in the current version 1.1.1 release of

> > Does this imply a "one-way" output connection only or does 
> it allow a 
> > remote connection into the target - similar to telnet.
> U-Boot has bidirectional communication over the network, i.  e.  both
> stdin   and   stdout  can  be  redirected  (indepoendently!)  to  the
> netconsole device.
> > Our project requires remote network access to U-Boot because the 
> > deployed the system will not include a serial port.
> It's ready to use...

I look forward to its release :)


Daren Hayward

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