[U-Boot-Users] Re: Problem building U-boot for RpxLite with Mpc823e

Sam Song samsongshu at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Aug 16 20:35:56 CEST 2004

Ccool <ccool at ninjatech.biz> wrote:

> I was talking about Readme file :
> "doc/README.RPXlite" file. I thought that
> the section 1 might be obsolete.  With the
> documentation of my RPXlite, I
> have'nt found any VisionClick flash programmer.

A little hint: Pls make sure your board configuration.
There are two type of RPXlite. One is CW,another DW.
If it's CW,then RPXlite is what's your want.Or pls
refer to RPXlite_DW board in u-boot cvs.There is
another README in board/RPXlite_dw/ directory.I guess
your target could be DW board because RPXlite CW was a
old version board of EP.

As for how to debug or program U-Boot with a flash
programmer,just as Wolfgang said,read DULG.

> I also tried the u-boot.srec, just in case the
> S-record image would run=20
> better, but it did'nt.  I guess that's why I'm
> looking for someone who coul=
> d=20
> give me a few hints about how to run u-boot. =20

There are some detailed points for a newbie to run
u-boot.A good way is to list your process in details
and consecution and some of us would see what's the
wrong in that and give you a timely help.

Good Luck!


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