[U-Boot-Users] problem with 'ethaddr' env. variable in, DataFlash, at91rm9200dk

Aras Vaichas arasv at magellan-technology.com
Tue Aug 17 09:13:24 CEST 2004

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Aras,
> in message <41203DC8.1000108 at magellan-technology.com> you wrote:
>>My problem is that the network functions do not seem to pick up the environment 
>>variables "ethaddr" and "ipaddr".
> Does this problem persist even after a reset of the board?


> Check if the at91rm9200dk port  initializes  bd->bi_enetaddr  

It looks like gd and bd are being set up wrongly or are being "lost" somewhere.

Set PLLA to 180Mhz and Master clock to 60Mhz and start U-BOOTÿ

U-Boot 1.1.1 (Aug 17 2004 - 16:39:28)

U-Boot code: 21F00000 -> 21F14A88  BSS: -> 21F18F2C
RAM Configuration:
Bank #0: 00000000  0 kB
... snip ...
### main_loop entered: bootdelay=3

### main_loop: bootcmd="<UNDEFINED>"
Uboot> setenv ethaddr c2:65:66:f4:14:3e

gd = 00000000, bd = ffffffdc
Uboot> dhcp

at91rm9200_ether.c bd->bi_enetaddr = 0:0:0:0:0:0
*** ERROR: `ethaddr' not set



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