[U-Boot-Users] New to u-boot: Using M5282EVB

Riaan van Boom riaan at redelec.co.za
Tue Aug 31 10:34:42 CEST 2004

Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself to all u-boot users. I am currently
doing development on the Motorola M5282EVB and will ultimately build a
custom board (should have been done yesterday already of course:-).

It has taken me two weeks now to realize that the M5282EVB port for
u-boot is not in fact complete (please correct me if I am wrong). It
seems you still need a pre-loader like colilo to initialize the CPU, as
the code for initialization was left out. This will not do for me, so I
have decided to finish the port (unless someone else has already done
that). I will of course make the port available if and when it is
finished. I am very new at this, so if anybody has any advice, I would
be glad. 


Riaan van Boom 
Siemens Building Technologies
Siemens SA Ltd.

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