[U-Boot-Users] help starting

Ilan Finci list at finci.org
Wed Dec 1 07:44:11 CET 2004

I'm totally new to the world of porting U-Boot (or other boot loaders) 
to new hardware.

I have an older version of U-Boot (0.4.5) that was ported to 2 custom 
made boards we have, based on the MPC5200 CPU, and the IceCube 
evaluation board. Both has the same U-Boot up and running.

We now have a new board, base on the same design, but with some 

I have BDI2000 up and running, and I can access the board's memory, 
flash, cpu registers etc.

When I try to run the same U-boot, it, as can be expected, fails to run, 
and stop very soon after startup (no message comes out on the serial 

I've tried to connect with GDB to debug, and I manage to do it, then 
step few commands, and I get SIGSTOP. To make sure that this is not a 
problem of the new board, I've tried the same with a working board, and 
the U-Boot fails at the same place (right after the starting point). On 
the other hand, if I don't try to do a step by step debugging, but give 
a "cont" command, the U-boot (on the older board) does work.

So I guess I have a basic problem in understanding how to debug the 
U-Boot with GDB.

Any help (either specific, or pointers to guides), will be great.


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