[U-Boot-Users] Questions of uImage on sbc8260 board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Dec 3 08:42:49 CET 2004

In message <20041203054507.79341.qmail at web54404.mail.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> The uImage is loaded onto RAM of sbc8260/ATM board.
> After starting the uImage, the msg shows:

You're off topic here. This is the U-Boot  mailing  list.  There  are
other lists for Linux.

> Warning: real time clock seems stuck! <<-- ???

Your real time clock does not tick.

> CFI: Found no TQM8260 Bank 0 device at location zero
> <<--??
> TQM8260: No supported flash chips found! <<-- ??

You're using a TQM8260 configuration on  a  non-TQM8260  board.  This
cannot work.

> VFS: Cannot open root device "" or 00:00 <<--??
> Please append a correct "root=" boot option <<--??
> Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00
> <<--??

You passed an empty (or blank-filled?) command line,  so  how  should
the kernel know where to find the root filesystem?

> => printenv
> bootcmd=version;echo;bootp;setenv bootargs
> root=/dev/nfs rw nfsroot=$(serverip):$(rootpath)
> ip=$(ipaddr):$(serverip):$(gatewayip):$(netmask):$(hostname)::off;bootm

This makes no sense at all. Commands are execurted in order.  SO  you
first  boot  the linux kernel (bootp), and then try to set bootargs -
but the "then" will never happen as U-Boot dows not continue  to  run
after Linux took over.

OK, so we finally got  some  U-Boot  stuff  here,  and  you  are  not
completely off topic ;-)

> Q1. Can the uImage build by using TQM8260_config can
> be used on sbc8260 board? If can not, which config I
> should use?

Of course you can build an uImage using  the  TQM8260  configuration.
But  this uImage will only be useful for TQM8260 boards. You must not
assume that it might run on any other hardware.

> Q2. I marked several places above by "<<--??". Any one
> see those before? If you do, please let me know how to
> fix them.

See above.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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