[U-Boot-Users] flash question

Stefan Roese mail at stefan-roese.de
Sat Dec 4 14:07:31 CET 2004

Hi Jack,

On Saturday 04 December 2004 13:51, jack W wrote:
>     i am a newer  i have a question about flash  , i have a nor flash and
> its type is SST39VF160 . I don't know how to set the CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT.
> the flash's sector is 2k .and i think that the CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT is
> 4096/2=2148  right?

No! You have to configure the maxmium sector count with this define (and _not_ 
the sector-size!). Most of the time I set this to 256. This should sufficient 
for most flash's.

Best regards,

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