[U-Boot-Users] S29GL064M90TAIR32 (Spansion Flash Driver)

Bharathi S sbharathi at MidasComm.Com
Tue Dec 7 16:24:15 CET 2004

On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Vikrant_Basotra wrote:

> I am using Ep8260 board having a single Flash Memory Chip
> (S29GL064M90TAIR32), I need the Flash driver for this flash memory.
> Can any body tell me that from where I could get the driver for
> S29GL064M90TAIR32. Can I use the drivers/cfi_flash.c

Is it related to u-boot OR Linux Kernel ??

For U-Boot, in board/ep8260/flash.c, in the Device id finding section,
you have to add a few codes to identify your flash and set
corresponding info. Like this...

  if (flashtest_h == AMD_ID_LV642D)
     info->flash_id += FLASH_AM640T;
     info->sector_count = 127; ( ? Check flash doc)
     info->size = 0x01000000;  ( ? Calculate)

You have to modify functions(flash_print_info,flash_erase?,..)

I hope, this chip also use the cfi_cmdset_0002. Bcoz I am using
S29GL064M90TAIR3 and working with Linux + cfi_cmdset_0002.

HTH :)
Bharathi S

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