[U-Boot-Users] MMU and Linux kernel booting

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Tue Dec 7 18:05:55 CET 2004

> > For example U-Boot should let the user to use one virtual and contiguous
> > memory region (for this purpose I suggest to introduce something
> > like bd->bi_dram_v). For "regular" operations, it could use the
> > existing bd->bi_dram fields (for example to set up the memory
> > tags for the kernel).
>In U-Boot, the user does not need  to  make  any  difference  between
>physical  or  virtual  RAM  addresses.  Just provide one mapping that
>works. For exmaple, map all your RAM banks  as  one  big  (virtually)
>contiguous  area to (virtual) address 0x0000. Then just run U-Boot as
>if it were a physical mapping. Nobody will even notice.
>Then turn off the MMU when booting your OS. Of  course  the  OS  will
>have to know where to find it's memory and how to map it.

Yes, this is exactly what I meant.



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