[U-Boot-Users] Overwriting protected flash memory!!!

Cabral, Kevin Kevin.Cabral at gdcanada.com
Thu Dec 9 22:31:06 CET 2004

<Wolfgang Denk wrote...>
> What makes you think so? The boot messages  above  seem  to  indicate
> that  the  old  boot loader came up just fine and started to load the
> linux kernel.

Sorry, for not being more specific but when I try to enter the (i-boot) bootloader 
I get the i-boot prompt but then the system freezes. This would probably suggest
that part of the bootloader is corrupt but not the entire thing. Perhaps only
part of the bootloader that didn't get over written still works (i.e. Just enough
to try and load the kernel).

<Wolfgang Denk wrote...>
> This is an explicitely unsupported mode of use, and reason enough NOT
> to answer any of your other questions in this message.  See  the  FAQ
> (http://www.denx.de/twiki/bin/view/DULG/CanUBootBeConfiguredSuchThatItCanBeStartedInRAM)

Until reading this article I wasn't aware that loading u-boot into RAM was an unsupported mode of use.
Instead, I may will try loading u-boot into flash. (Thanks for the article)

<Wolfgang Denk wrote...>
> The  "protect"  stuff  is  something  that  is  intended  to  prevent
> accidental data loss by a istyped command etc. It cannot protect you
> from doing stupid things.

Thanks for the explanation of "protect" for flash in u-boot. Originally, 
I had the impression that my bootloader in flash was safe, even from 
doing stupid things, which would allow me experiment since I'm just a 
newbie at these things but I guess I learned the hard way. 

I appreciate your responses and insight. Your right, there were a couple 
of serious errors made on my part. But as you can see from my original 
post that I was aware of most of these errors; unfortunately, I wasn't 
aware of these errors before it was too late. 

Thanks for your help

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