[U-Boot-Users] error: invalid option `cpu=4kc

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Dec 13 22:24:59 CET 2004

In message <CFA9FA7615FFD04DB8FD8E34A3FF7F468DF5E3 at sjcxch02.tbu.com> you wrote:
> I got the ISO image from the following:
> /ftp/mirror/eldk/eldk/3.1/mips-linux-x86/iso
> mips-2004-11-10.iso                       10-Nov-2004 08:09
> This is what I have installed on my machine. Do I need something newer
> then this?

This is ok. But you wrote:

> > make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jdudakia/u-boot-1.1.1/examples'
> You use old source code.

This is old U-Boot source code.

> Please use recent sources (top of CVS, or at least  the  snapshot  as
> included with the ELDK 3.1 distribution).

Do that, then.

[And by the way: please learn how to quote correctly. Don't top-post.]

Best regards,

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