[U-Boot-Users] Booting From hard disk.

Sharad P. Katti sharad.katti at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 08:10:01 CET 2004


thanks for your mail,

actually we did wrong calculations as u pointed to us, 

now, we are loading the kernel image at 0xa0100000, from harddisk.
which doesnot clash with the the address where the kernel will be loaded,
and executed.i,e at 0xa0008000.

But again it is restarting, giving the "data abort" error. We cross checked
with the contents of the RAM at 0xa0100000 through 0xa0157834, and
oxa0008000 through 0xa005f834 (the kernel size is 356 k), both are same.

What might be the problem to load the kernel..? is it related to the
kernel part.?


best regards,

Sharad P.Katti

"GOD is real, unless declared as an int"

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