[U-Boot-Users] Patches for ARM IntegratorCP, ARM926EJS, and ARM946ES

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 19:55:06 CET 2004


The patches were developed on an ARM IntegratorCP board with ARM946ES.
Since the majority code of ARM946ES cpu was copied from ARM926EJS and
there was bug about CFG_HZ found in ARM946ES later, I also fixed this
CFG_HZ error on ARM926EJS.

The major changes are
1. Mulitple core modules support (u-boot.multicm.patch)
Following OMAP boards' methodology, I added mulitple core module
configuration. For example, integratorcp_946es_config is for
IntegratorCP board with ARM946ES, integratorcp_config is for
IntegratorCP board with ARM926EJS by default,
integratorap_946es_config is for IntegratorAP board with ARM946ES, and
integratorap_config is for IntegratorAP with ARM926EJS. Now only two
core modules are supported, ARM946ES and ARM926EJS.

2. ARM946ES support (u-boot.arm946es.patch)

3. ARM926EJS bug fix (u-boot.arm926ejs.patch)
Fixed CFG_HZ problem. Set CFG_HZ to 1000. The solution is from AT91RM9200.

4. IntegratorCP bug fixes (u-boot.integratorcp.patch)
Added SDRAM size information and FLASH support.

Philippe, I don't have an ARM926EJS core module. Would you please test
the CFG_HZ fix on your system? Thanks.

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